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$575 Billion In Medicare Cuts Coming in ¹ - And Seniors Are Worried

, at 11:49 am PST | Sarah Hill

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Both Republicans and Democrats alike are worried about the massive medicare budget cuts, but a little-known program can provide relief.

Are you tired of constant co-pays, costly prescriptions, and high deductibles? These are only going to go up in ². However, the good part is that if you live in a qualified zipcode, you can get many of these out-of-pocket costs reduced to nothing! All it takes is about 5 minutes of your time to check what medicare supplement plan is available in your area. It is 100% free to check these medicare plans.

Medicare shopping can be confusing, but there's some new websites that make the shopping experience extremely simple! Sites like allow you to compare every type of plan for your individual needs. This site takes the confusion out of deciding which plan to choose. Getting on a special plan means all of the budget cuts do not affect your health care needs like they will affect others. Again, these plans are free to shop for, so you really need to check them out!

What exactly do you need to do? Here is follow one easy rule.

The biggest secret in medicare shopping is comparing plans. Not all plans are created equal, let sites like do the heavy lifting for you and sort out what fits your needs in your zipcode. Everyone's health situation is unique, and finding the plan to fit your needs can make all the difference.

health insurance

Medicare supplement plans are still new to most seniors. These plans make it so you never have to deal with the out-of-pocket costs that can drain your account. We highly recommend you visit and at least consider what the options are available to you. Simply type in your zip code here and you'll be taken to a custom shopping experience catered to your individual health needs!

Seniors around the US are raving over these amazing new plans. With Trump's proposed Medicare cuts, it's even more important to find yourself a good puts the power back into your hands to find the highest quality & cheapest coverage for YOU.

Follow These Super Simple Steps to Find The Perfect Medicare Supplement Plan:

  1. Select Your State Below

  2. Answer some basic health questions and then view all of your available Medicare plans and coverages.

  3. Put money back into your pocket every year & stop stressing about medical bills!

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