[Exclusive] Experts Warn Of A Global Recession, New Program Is Helping Americans Get Out of $10k-$125k in Credit Card Debt

As of April 2022, Americans carry over $1 trillion in credit card debt and have paid over $104 Billion in credit card fees and interest last year alone.

To help Americans access this new program, a hotline has become available that helps Americans resolve their credit card debt. The phone number for the program is 888-217-1753.

Must Have $10k+ Of Credit Card Debt to Qualify

The wait times to speak to an agent are 2-3 minutes on average, which means a lot of people are calling to see how much they qualify for the company to pay off their credit card debt. Americans with more than $10k of debt could be eligible to get assistance.

The downfall? Since companies like this aren’t advertised abundantly, it’s hard for struggling Americans to find this solution to ending their credit card debt struggles. Many of our readers have shared the phone number with their Facebook friends and have even shared it directly to friends and family that they know struggle with debt.

“We wanted to provide a nationwide hotline for Americans who are in debt to finally get help reducing their debt. We provide a free, confidential helpline to help Americans learn their options for lowering their monthly and overall amount they owe on their credit cards.”

We can only recommend readers that are in debt, to give the free helpline a call immediately to see if they can benefit from the company. Those with credit card debt of a total of more than $10,000 worth of debt could be eligible to get assistance with the company’s help.

You can call the hotline number 888-217-1753 to see how much help you qualify for.

How Does it Work?

Americans with lower debt and lower payments have more money to inject into the economy, therefore boosting consumer spending. Consumer spending is much more productive for a nation than carrying heavy debt payments, especially learning from the 2008 recession.

According to the company, there are many options that could help reduce your debt. The main benefit of the company includes lowering monthly payments and overall amounts owed, and much more.

Audrey, enrolled in the company and was glad to find her entire debt was being relieved and will be out of debt in less than 24-36 months.

“They got my credit card debt down from $19k down to $5k. They have really helped me so much. I was paying it a little bit over $500 a month, but I was getting no where, it was all interest. If you need some help on your debt, call them now, and let them help you with your situation”

Call 888-217-1753 to see if you qualify instantly.

What You Can Do About It

The time to act is now. If you or a loved one is struggling with credit card debt, it’s not your fault and you’re not alone.

Over 40 Million Americans are currently struggling with credit card debt, living paycheck to paycheck. The more debt you have, the more help the company is able to offer.

Please share this article & post your before/after debt amounts thanks to this company in the comments section for our editors to highlight.

We will remove this article if the company is no longer available. If you are viewing this article, call the helpline immediately.

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